Torah First and Foremost

Here at Shorashim, strong Torah values are the foundation and bedrock of our curriculum. We strive to personify the Torah and bring the beauty of our mitzvos and mesorah to life through a variety of educational activities.

Two Year-Old Program

Our two year-old program is designed to meet the children where they’re at in terms of development and challenge them to grow in their language skills, fine and gross motor skills and expression of needs. This all takes place in an environment that fosters love and safety between child and Morah. Shapes, music, yom tov, and parsha are some of the units we have in store.

Three Year-Old Program

Our three year-old program is designed to meet the needs of each individual child. Through hands-on learning, the children explore, investigate and discover the world around them. The children are encouraged to express themselves through dramatic play, art and music as they participate in many skill-based and goal-oriented activities.

Pre-K Program

Our Pre-K program focuses on developing self-motivation, thinking and problem-solving skills, and natural curiosity. Our literacy unit includes exposure to books and many pre-reading activities for both the Hebrew aleph-beis and the alphabet. Early STEM skills are also incorporated into the multifaceted curriculum, which is rounded out with character development and life skills for a “whole child” approach.
Skills That Children Will Learn

Learning Environment For Comprehensive Development

Children learn about their world through the use of their senses. Classroom activities focus on discovery and exploration that facilitate learning in a fun, interactive way.

Why Choose Shorashim?


Learn And Play

A hands-on, interactive approach ensures your child has a positive learning experience.

School Vouchers

We accept school vouchers to help you afford the education your children deserve.

Great Teachers

Experienced and dedicated teachers will help your child develop beautifully in multiple areas.

Warm Environment

The warm environment at Shorashim helps create a safe space where children can thrive.



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